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Professional and Experienced

          My MBBS Abroad Educational Services is a Premier Medical Education Consultancy with a Very experienced and Professional Team of Counsellors and Administration. The Counsellors are very friendly and informative and are ready to assist you with any kind of assistance be required.

A Sea of Options to Choose

          My MBBS Abroad is the ONLY Medical Education Consultant to have Multiple Choice of Institutions for the students to choose from. Generally Medical Education Consultants represent one, two or maximum three institutions at a time and recommend students to enrol with those institutions only. My MBBS Abroad represents almost ever y institution that offers quality education and recommends the Best and Fully Accredited ones out of them.

Tailor Made Services for You

          Each and every student has his / her own specific need and aspirations. Our services are fully exclusive and made to suit the students personally.

End to End Assistance

          We serve the students and parents right from initial counselling, institution selection stage to the final enrolment process. We travel along with the students during their first travel to the institution and ensure all the students are fully settled before we come back to India. Further, we keep in touch and take responsibility of all necessary assistance until completion of the program itself.

Additional Assistance to Parents

          My MBBS Abroad works very closely with the institutions that we recommend to the Future Doctors. We get day to day updates on the students’ performance, behaviour, etc and provide a regular feedback to the parents on a periodic basis.

          We also assist parents in the visa and all formalities, plus facilitate accommodation and all amenities if the parents wish to travel to the institution along with the children or to visit them


         As an Overseas Education consultancy with an extensive experience and long standing in the industry for over a decade, My MBBS Abroad has been and will continue to be a pioneer in the Medical Education Consulting industry that identifies the Best Institutions abroad for Indian Students to Study Medicine.

         We have been the most successful in the industry by way of our Ethical, Student centric services to the aspirants. As one of the most trusted and professional consultants, managed by well-educated and experienced team of professionals, we serve the Best minds and aspiring wannabe Doctors in India and neighbouring countries by guiding them in selecting the right destination / institutions to study medicine and help them in the complete process thereafter efficiently.

          My MBBS Abroad always believes in our policy of providing the Best to the Students. To achieve this goal, we always make sure our team of counsellors and support staffs are well motivated and trained in the right way. Further, the Motto being “Best Service”, our team members always suggest the most suitable options to the students without any limitation with respect to our partner universities. We consider the students’ career as our own.

          My MBBS Abroad employs the Best counsellors in the industry and is managed by a young, dynamic, well educated and professional team with a vast experience in the field of Overseas Education Consulting.

          Most of our Counsellors visit the university campuses, interact regularly with University officials and students and keep themselves updated with the most vital information which would be useful for the students.


          My MBBS Abroad Team is authorized by most Top Universities / Fully Accredited institutions across the globe to assist students with the Admission process. My MBBS Abroad would verify your documentation and all aspects of your application and assist you to tweak it up as per the requirements and criteria of the institutions and help you in the Application Process.

The Admission / Acceptance rates of our Application Services are 100%. Thanks to our resourceful team, that’s always willing to assist you. FREE OF COST.



        My MBBS Abroad’s vision is to be the result oriented leader in Overseas Education Consulting Industry by guiding young minds.


        The guiding mission of My MBBS Abroad is ``Bringing the Best for every student we guide``. By ``The Best``, we mean the best guidance through resourceful and qualitative services in a transparent and ethical manner.

My MBBS Abroad Team would prepare you completely for the interview process with all necessary Do’s and Don’ts and interpersonal skills for the interview. As mentioned earlier, Our students’ acceptance is 100%. We can assure Admission to all Aspiring Future Doctors.

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