Getting an Admit into a Good Med School is the First Successful step into your Aspiration to Quality Medical Education. Further, a crucial step left is to obtain the Visa of the country and also the Transiting Countries. My MBBS Abroad assists the Future Doctors in all these steps to ensure your dreams are achieved. Right from Application, documentation, interview preparation, our assistance would be available to you until successful enrolment with the institution.

My MBBS Abroad is proud that we had achieved 100% Success when it comes to getting all necessary Visas and Immigration and Emigration clearances for our Future Doctors.


           Each and every country’s visa and Immigration processes are different from one another. The Documentation, Questions, Answers expected, rules, etc are all unique. My MBBS Abroad’s expertise ensures you’re fully prepared for all these formalities.

We support in preparation of the applications and documents and counsel the Future Doctors in all the steps of the process.

Documentation Support

The most important part of the Visa Application is the paper work and documentation involved with the process. My MBBS Abroad Assists Future Doctors in the entire process including assistance on preparing the supporting documents like Academic Documents, Bank Statements and all necessary supporting documents.

My MBBS Abroad team’s experience of over 15 Years ensure Zero Error in the process, testimony to that is our excellent track record in obtaining visas with 100% Success Rate for most countries in the world including USA, UK, Australia, UK, European Union, Etc.

Application Review & Submission

          Our Experts review each and every aspect of the application meticulously to the minute levels before approving an application to be submitted to concerned Embassy / Consulate / Immigration Office. Our team assists you with the interview preparation and all further process.

My MBBS Abroad, being an authorised Consultancy could submit and process the applications on behalf of the Future Doctors.

Interview Preparation & Acceptance

                    My MBBS Abroad Team’s services are accurate to prepare students for any tricky questions expectable during the visa interview of any concerned Embassy / Consulate / Immigration Office. We assist students with similar processes for the destination countries and also the countries through which they might have to transit.

Today, most of the Good Universities are not just looking for your Academic Transcripts and other supporting documents alone to accept your applications. Most Good institution would like to assess your interpersonal and communication skills which are a major requirement for Medical Professionals across the globe.

My MBBS Abroad, being an authorised Consultancy could submit and process the applications on behalf of the Future Doctors and collect the Passports on behalf of the students when authorised.

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